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"Just got my Ridiculously Outstanding Party Barge!!! This thing is GREAT!" - Kerrie M.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Party Host Must Have

If you host Parties often, you already know this is cool. My biggest surprise was how easy this made clean up. No condensation, no digging through coolers & getting frostbite on your fingers… & it keeps everything in one place, which makes cleanup 100x easier. Great Product.

David G. (REVO Customer)



⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Perfect for Parties

So glad we ordered - two parties already. Fits perfectly on our counter and allows us to chill wines/liquors while having clean ice for drinks. The handy white containers work for lemons and limes and keep the counter from getting sticky. We elected to order the flashing light cubes which have been festive. Good value for the money, and I know we’ll use it for years to come.

Amy T. (REVO Customer)



The Party Essential you never knew you needed.   - BEST Products

Watch your guests flock to it.   - Inside Tailgating

The Rolls Royce of Beverage Tubs.   - BroBible

An organized piece of equipment for avid entertainers.   - Trend Hunters


It's Easy to be a COOLER Host


No condensation mess and great ice retention.

Everything is easy to see and access.  No cold hands from digging through ice.

Easily fits 40 bottles of beer or 20 bottles of wine/champagne.

Three individually insulated compartments and any can be used as a large ice bucket with aluminum ice scoop provided.

Two double condiment trays - large enough for plenty condiments, salsas/guacamole, nuts or anything to fully outfit your bar station.

Built in hand grips for easier transport.

It elevates the mood of any gathering, feels catered and guests feel welcome.

44” length  x  11” width  x  7.5” height


14 lbs.


Built tough - 5 year warranty

FDA Approved

Condiment Inserts are FDA approved for food contact


Made in the USA

Patent pending for design and utility function.


You're going to want to have more get-togethers ... and that's a good thing!

Built to last a lifetime.

If you host parties, you have probably had issues with ice buckets not being large enough, guests digging in your fridge or an outdoor cooler for beer, or having a metal drink tub condensate leaving a wet surface and wet floor(a liability issue).  REVO Party Barge is a Party Cooler Tub that is made exactly like premium coolers with pressure injected foam insulation that allows ice to last longer and with No Condensation Mess.  It’s an All-In-One Bar Station that makes it easy for anyone to elegantly put on a spread.  With the inviting display, everything is visible and easily accessed without digging through ice.  Three individually insulated compartments with condiment trays (FDA approved for food contact) and an aluminum ice scoop provide multiple display options.

Its great for Home Entertaining (inside or outside) and Tailgating.  

In Commercial Use, it's a great asset in bar services and it can also be a self-serve beverage station (ex: Mimosa bar, Bloody Mary bar, Wine bar, etc). 


REVO makes your guests feel welcome and lets them easily serve themselves. It will elevate any gathering.


The Party Barge is made in the USA 🇺🇸 and built to last a lifetime.

REVO Light Cubes


Great for Commercial Use by Professionals

REVO is a great asset in all bar services. Used in catering, bar/restaurants, mobile bars, hospitality and all event services.  It's also great for promotions and tastings and it can also be a self-serve beverage station.  The insulation provides ice savings that can be a significant value over time.  No condensation mess eliminates a liability issue.

The Party Barge's versatility makes it a great choice

Home Entertaining 


Patio and Pool Parties

Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties

Realtor Open Houses and Closing Gifts


Mobile Bartending

Bars and Restaurants



Golf/Country Clubs

Wine/Spirits Brand Marketing

Promotional Marketing

and more ...


When the Party knocks on your door ...

The REVO Beverage Tub is a premium Party Cooler.  It is fully insulated with no condensation. Use any compartment as an ice bucket or food display. Great for wine and cocktail parties, tailgating, outdoor grilling, mobile bartending and catering events.