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"These Party Coolers will change how you entertain forever"

The Ridiculously Outstanding PARTY BARGE Cooler

The PARTY BARGE has REVOlutionized the beverage cooler. Everyone loves a great bar set up.  As a host, you don’t want to have to refill an ice bucket often, or have your guests look in your refrigerator for drinks, or have a wet condensation mess from a metal tub or need to dig through ice in a cooler to find a drink.  REVO Coolers solves all of that and makes hosting easy and fun.  The Party Barge Cooler has 3 compartments and comes with condiment trays and an ice scoop for a variety of displays.  The 44” length provides easy and inviting access.  No cold hands from digging through ice and no condensation.  REVO Light Up Ice Cubes can also add a great effect to any bar display and make drinks more festive when added to a glass.  

Size:   44” length x 11” width x 7.5” height  -  15 lbs.

Recommended capacity:  39 bottles of beer or 18 bottles of wine/champagne


Party Barge includes 2 condiment trays and aluminum ice scoop.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ AMAZING

I used for my bachelorette pool party and it was perfect! We used it for mimosa's and bloody mary's in the morning and then rose during the day. I loved having the different compartments to separate things everyone was wowed by it. I've already used it at 3 different events and I know I'll be bringing it to many more and may even purchase a second. Kept everything cold and great quality!

Helen P. (REVO Customer)


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Party Barge is THE BEST thing EVER!

I don’t know why I’ve waited this long to own one. There was still ice floating in it the next morning and no condensation. I also received compliments from everyone who came about how cool it was. And people thought it cost a lot more than it did.

Kelly H. (REVO Customer)


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Party Time!

My REVO cooler has inspired me to host more parties. A friend of mine had it at a get together last month and I loved it so much I ordered it the next day. I have already used it twice In just 3 weeks! I might just have to order another :)

Jill C. (REVO Customer)

Made in the USA🇺🇸

The Versatile DUBLER Cooler and DUBLER HEAT (with Flameless Chafer option)

Dubler: 2 compartment cooler with condiment trays, lids and ice scoop.

Dubler Heat: Above + 2 Heat Packs

Dubler (FREE SHIPPING) Click to order

DUBLER HEAT (A Dubler plus 2 heat packs)

Dubler and Dubler HEAT

The DUBLER Cooler

The Dubler comes with 3 condiment trays, ice scoop and 2 lids, that are tall enough to cover long neck bottles. Great for any kind of bar station. The two compartments are also sized to fit 1/2 size trays for food displays or combinations of food and drinks.  It can be a great Mimosa bar or Bloody Mary bar and can also be a fun Taco bar or Salad bar. 



The DUBLER HEAT - Flameless Chafer (DUBLER plus 2 Heat Packs)

The Dubler HEAT is a Dubler plus it also includes microwaveable heat packs, which make it a Flameless Chafing dish.  Drop in microwaved heat packs, then hot food trays, cover with lids and enjoy warm food for 2-3 hours or more.  The Heat Packs don't continuously generate heat like a flame does but their heat, along with the Dubler's insulation, provides a slow drop in temperature over time. That insulation also means the outside surface will not get hot, making mobility super easy and no dealing with hot water.  You can also use 2 heat packs in one compartment to help extend warm temperatures.


Microcore heat packs can be used up to 300 times, saving on fuel cost and landfill waste.  The heat packs can also be frozen for easy use under chilled food trays.  It’s an incredibly versatile cooler for cold or hot storage.


Dubler HEAT Chafing Benefits


No liability from an open flame.

No flame blowing out outdoors.

No burns from touching hot outer pan.

No expense for fuel cans and it reduces environmental waste.

No hot water needed to heat.

No multiple trips for the set up.

No need to carefully remove when done.


Size: 24.5” length x 14” width x 7.5” height

Dubler weighs - 13lbs.

Dubler HEAT weighs - 17 lbs.


Dubler Capacity

24 bottles of beer or

12 bottles of wine/champagne or

2 half size chafing pans

Dubler includes 3 condiment trays, 2 lids and an aluminum ice scoop.

Dubler HEAT includes everything above plus 2 Microcore Heat Packs.

REVO LED Light Up Ice Cubes - Push Button cubes last longer and work in ice, unlike cubes with moisture sensors.  FDA approved clear acrylic shell is sealed and safe in drinks and ice.  Fun LED Party Lights.

REVO Light Cubes

REVO Party Barge Cooler is a Beverage Tub, Ice Bucket, Champagne Tub and Wine Tub.  Great for entertaining and as a beverage station at receptions/events.  Also great for caterers and mobile bartenders. Party Drink Tub is insulated - no condensation mess.

REVO Light Cubes


REVO Party Coolers - wine bucket, champagne bucket, beer tub, ice bucket and condiment trays display in one with premium insulation.  The Dubler fits half size food trays and is also a flameless chafer with microwave heat packs.  Best drink stations.

Commercial Use

REVO Party Cooler DNA

FDA Approved

Our coolers, condiment trays and lids are made with FDA approved plastic and all are manufactured in the USA.  


LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) produces an extremely strong product and we polish the finish.  It’s filled with expandable foam insulation.


Absolutely No Condensation Mess and great ice retention or heat retention.

Home Entertaining (inside or out)

Commercial Use in all events

Brands and Marketing

Housewarming Gifts / Wedding Gifts


They float and customers are having fun with that, but ice retention is obviously more challenged in direct sun. 


It's an easy dump after an event.  The insulation will surprise you and you'll likely be dumping more ice than water.


Built tough to last a lifetime - 5 year warranty


🇺🇸 Proudly Made in the USA 🇺🇸 

Patent pending for design and utility function  


REVO's inviting display makes your guests feel welcome and lets them easily serve themselves. 


You're going to want to have more get-togethers ... and that's a good thing!