REVO microwave heat packs for food tray warming and flameless chafer.

REVO Dubler Microcore Microwave Heat Pack | 2 pack

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Microcore Heat Packs are microwaved and placed inside of REVO Dubler coolers, then hot food trays are placed in coolers.  The combination of heat and insulation keeps food warm for hours.  It's a flameless chafing dish.  2 Microcore Heat Packs are included in every Dubler HEAT.  Extra Microcore Heat Packs are sold as a set of 2.

MicroCore Heat Pack Instructions: Increase heat time gradually to find the right amount of time for your microwave.  DO NOT OVERHEAT which causes the pouch to swell and it could possibly burst.  A little expansion/swelling is okay. 

Be careful handling the heated pack.  

MicroCore Heat Pack Instructions:  You can experiment with heat times to get maximum heat but stop as pouch begins to swell.  Over swelling can cause a leak.  Be careful handling the heated pack. Heat times will vary with microwave power.  Base heat times are listed below.

Microwave Watts                        Heat Time

1000 watt or less                  3:45 to 4 minutes

More than 1000 watt            2:30 to 3 minutes

OVERHEATING can cause substantial expansion and/or leaking.  If so, discontinue use and dispose.  They are not warrantied for that.  A little expansion/swelling is okay. 

The contents (cellulose sponge and water) are not toxic.  Proper heating should net about 300 uses (which saves substantial money on heating fuel and a huge reduction in environmental waste).

The Heat Pack is only one component of maintaining hot food.  The DUBLER is unique with premium insulated walls and floor and designed to fit trays without a lot of airspace.  Heat is maintained in the small cavity from both the Heat pack and the hot pan of food itself.

Set of 2 extra Heat Packs.  

For Heat use with a Dubler only, not the Party Barge.  

They can also be frozen for use as a convenient drop in under condiment trays or trays of food, to maintain freshness.

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