Dubler HEAT - Flameless Chafer and Cooler

The REVO Dubler HEAT is a Dubler that comes with 2 Microcore Heat Packs, making it a flameless chafing dish.  As a Dubler Cooler, it can be used in all cold beverage or food presentations.  With the Heat Packs, it is a chafer that maintains heat for hours. 1/2 size metal pans or foil trays fit each side.  Microwave the heat packs and place in each cavity followed by hot trays of food.  Cover and go for easy transportation or general serving.  No open flame or hot water and the Dubler is safe to touch without getting burned.  It is the safest chafing dish on the market!  It can also be used as a combination of heat on one side and ice on the other, making it great for tailgating and picnics.  It's the "Swiss Army Knife of Party Coolers".

Standard chafers only hold a 2.5”deep pan.  The DUBLER can hold up to 4” deep pans.  One DUBLER has the food capacity of almost 2 standard chafers.

The DUBLER also has easier access with a serving height of 7.5” above a surface compared to a standard chafing dish at 9.25”.  DUBLERs can also be branded.

When used as a Cooler, the it is an insulated Beverage tub, Champagne bucket, Wine bucket, Beer bucket, Ice bucket and cold food display that fits all 1/2 size chafing trays.  Great for a Mimosa bar, Bloody Mary bar, Wine bar, Salad bar, Charcuterie display or any cold food or beverage display that you can imagine.  Comes with 3 condiment trays, 2 lids and an aluminum ice scoop to create a variety of displays. Available in 5 colors.  It's great for Home Entertaining and Tailgating but also commercial use like Catering and Bar Services.

Dubler HEAT includes 3 condiment trays, 2 lids, an aluminum ice scoop and 2 Microcore Heat Packs.

24" x 14" x 7.5"     17 lbs.

Made in the USA 🇺🇸

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