REVO Light Cubes

LED Light up ice cubes with Push Button on/off.  Push Button cubes last longer and work in ice, unlike cubes with moisture sensors (which only work when submerged in liquid).  When on, the bright color operates in 3 modes: slow flash, fast flash, and steady on.  FDA approved acrylic shell is sealed with freezable gel inside and is submersible safe in beverages.  They are fun LED party lights that when mixed in with ice in the Party Barge, the light cubes provide a very nice light effect and help provide visibility.  They are attention getters in glasses and, when frozen, keep a glass of white or rose' wine chilled without diluting from ice.  They are also an asset in getting kids to take a bath.  A colored bath tub makes the kids look forward to it!

Battery life is 24-36 hours. They will last longer in the blinking mode vs. the steady on mode so the variation of lifespan is determined by how they are used. Since most typical events range from 2 to 6 hours on the high end, the benefit is that they can be used multiple times for multiple events before the battery expires.  Batteries cannot be replaced.

Packed: 12 each light up ice cubes

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