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REVO Party Barge Coolers, insulated beverage tub
REVO Dubler Coolers, premium insulation and no condensation
REVO Dubler Heat, flameless chafer, food warmer, half size chafing dish

Party Barge: It’s Ridiculously Outstanding

The Grand Champion Best Beverage Tub. It's a unique All-in-One Bar Station with condiment trays and ice scoop.

44" of inviting display with easy access for easy entertaining and your guests will love it.

A tabletop cooler with premium insulation which means no condensation mess and ice lasts longer.

Sleek design and no cold hands from digging through ice for a drink. Create a Mimosa Bar, Bloody Mary Bar, Fiesta Bar or any bar.

Catered style spreads that make party planning and hosting a lot easier.

These Party Coolers are great for indoors or outdoors and yes, they are also Floating Coolers. The best cooler for entertaining that you never knew you needed!

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Dubler: It's the Most Versatile Cooler Ever

The Dubler, with premium insulation, means no condensation. Multiple uses:

Chilled Beverages

Chilled Condiment Trays

Chilled Charcuterie, Sushi or Dessert, when used with our Chill Boards

Cold Chafer for Chilled Food Pans

Flameless Chafer when used with Microwave Heat Packs

They are also Floating Coolers

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The Dubler HEAT: Flameless Chafer

It’s a combo pack of a Dubler Cooler plus 2 Heat Packs, which saves a lot of money buying as a combo. Of course being a Dubler, it can also be used for chilled beverages or as a cold chafer for chilled food. Fits 2 half size food trays, standard depth and also 4" depth.

* No Flame

* No Hot Water

* Environmentally Friendly Chafer

* Microwave Heat Packs up to 300 uses.

* Always Safe to Touch Cooler - Easy to Transport

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Dubler Chill Boards for use with a Dubler Cooler

Chill Boards fit on top of a Dubler or Dubler Heat only. They DO NOT fit the Party Barge.

Ice is placed in a Dubler cooler which chills the Boards that nest perfectly on top. Chilled Charcuterie Boards and Sushi displays are here! Meats and cheeses stay fresher longer when displayed on our Chill Boards. The cutting boards are FDA approved for food contact and antimicrobial. The boards will stay chilled all day and all night. Light cubes can be used underneath in the ice for a very cool ambience. 2 chill boards per set and fit on top of a Dubler

NEW! REVO Dubler Food Pan Sets

Stainless Steel Food Pan Sets used for cooking and dropped straight out of the oven and into a Dubler Heat for heat retention and service. Can also be used for chilled food.

Clear Polycarbonate Food Pan Sets used for chilled storage and service. Dishwasher safe.

These Chafer food pan sets are available as 2 half size pans or 1 half and 2 quarter size pans.

Both are available in standard 2.5" deep and also 4" deep, which the Dubler can handle and provide more capacity than a standard full size chafer.

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REVO LED Light Up Ice Cubes are push button on/off and sealed for safe use in ice and drinks. Multi Color set and All White set. 12 cubes per box.

REVO Neon Party Lights are battery operated standing lights. Each set is 4 different figures. Approx. 12" tall. Neon Flamingo, Toucan, Palm Tree, Pineapple, Lips, Love/Heart and Star.

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Branding and Commercial

Brands, Hospitality and Caterers are using in bar services, pool services and in food spreads, where commercial half size and quarter size pans can be used for a variety of displays. Premium insulation with no condensation mess in a sleek contemporary look. Easily transported when chilled or heated.

REVOlutionizing Entertaining

They All Float!

They float and a lot of people are having fun with that. A floating bar is a fun experience.

REVO Dubler Chill Boards for use with a Dubler Cooler.  The chilled surface is great for preserving charcuterie, sushi, desserts and more.

Chilled Charcuterie

Meats, cheeses, fruits and desserts stay fresh longer when displayed on chilled boards. Boards are custom sized for Dubler coolers and nest on top. Ice in the Dubler keeps the boards chilled all day. The cutting boards are FDA approved for food contact and dishwasher safe. Light cubes can be used underneath in the ice for a very cool ambient look.